I am a Product Manager at Compuware. I retired from IBM in December, 2014, after 32 years of service. I have been a recruiter for the University of Michigan since 1998 and that continues today in my new company. Recruiting is not my primary role, it is something I do because I like to work with college students. Over my career, I have held a variety of positions including software development, marketing, education, customer engagement, technical consulting, and senior management. I have worked in a software development lab environment and in the sales environment where I engaged directly with customers. I also spent five years on an international assignment with IBM in London, England, where I worked with customers in 15 different countries in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa.

It is through all of these work assignments and my recruiting activities that I have developed a unique understanding of what it means to work in the Engineering field. I draw on these experiences when I talk to students. Recruiting is about placing students in positions where they can excel and create successful careers.

I know a lot about recruiting and resume creation and I will share these “recruiting secrets” with you so you can put your own story in the best light possible. Your story starts with a organized and concise resume format.

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“My Recruiting Secrets for Engineering Students” (Published Sept, 2013)

It all starts with the Resume. A great resume opens the “recruiting door” to Career Fairs and Interviews. This book has three chapters (80 pages) devoted to creating the best BS, MS and Ph.D. resumes. With a great resume, you will exhibit confidence with recruiters at the Career Fair, during a technical or Behavioral Interview, and during your Internship, Co-op, and Full-time job. This book contains over 40 illustrations for the major sections of a well-formatted resume.

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