What are the additional Ph.D. Sections in the Ph.D. Resume?

Ph.D. Resume

The Ph.D. resume is similar to the BS and MS resume. However, it is longer and includes a few additional sections. The Education section is also longer because it includes three degrees (BS, MS and PhD). Since the resume needs to be spread across multiple pages, it is good to insert page breaks prior to section headings to avoid having a section be split across pages. It is okay to leave some blank space at the bottom of the page to avoid splitting a section. While the Ph.D. resume will cover more pages, it is very important to keep the resume concise and well-organized for easy reading.

I would use most of the sections used for the BS and MS resume with the exception of the Academic Projects section. It is also not necessary to list the courses taken under each degree. The focus of the Ph.D. resume is on the Dissertation, the publications and the conferences attended and abstracts written. The Dissertation should be included in the Education section and it should contain an four to five sentence abstract. It is important to include the full name and title of the Ph.D. Advisor.

In addition to the BS and MS sections, I would include some or all of the following sections (in this order):

  1. Patents
  2. Fellowships
  3. Grants
  4. Certifications
  5. Publications
  6. Conference Abstracts
  7. Conference Presentations

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