What if you are an International Student?

If you are an International student (F1 Student Visa), then the odds of finding a job at the career fair are not very good if you are working on either a BS degree. The odds improve if you are working toward a MS degree and are even better if you are in a PhD program. Many companies use the summer internship program as a way to find students who will return for a permanent position. As International students, these companies would have to sponsor you after you graduate and that is why they are unwilling to hire you for just a summer internship. As students, your challenge is to find companies that are not concerned about bringing you back for a permanent job or companies that are willing to sponsor you after you graduate.

What are good questions I can ask the recruiter?

If a company is not willing to hire you as an International student, there is nothing to be gained by arguing with the recruiter. It is the company policy and the recruiter is just applying the policy. There are some good questions you can ask a recruiter even if they have one of these restrictive policies. For example, you can ask, “Do you have any opportunities for International students that are not represented here today?” Or, if the company is a large international company, you can ask, “Do you have any opportunities for me in my home country?” There are many companies that have programs to put International students in touch with positions in their home countries especially in the emerging countries of India and China.

Do recruiters talk to other recruiters?

As a recruiter, I speak to many recruiters in other companies. I like to find out who has opportunities for International students so I can pass the information along. It is always a good idea to ask a recruiter, “Do you know of any other companies at the career fair that have opportunities for International students?” Lastly, you can always ask the recruiter to take a look at your resume and give you feedback on it.

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