What if you have multiple Majors?

As a recruiter, I think I have seen just about every combination of Majors and Minors on a resume. I am never surprised to see students with multiple talents or interests. I recruit at one of the top schools in the country and you have to be talented just to get into their Engineering School. While having multiple talents and interests might seem like an enviable problem to have, it could actually restrict the number of places you can work in the company.

How should I speak about my multiple majors?

When you have multiple majors and minors, you need to decide ahead of time which one you want to focus on before you talk to the recruiter. It is not the recruiter’s problem to find you the perfect job that fits all of your interests. I had a student tell me he was majoring in Computer Science, Music, and Physics, and he wanted to find a job in my company that combined all of these talents. However, that would have limited him to very few job openings in my company. If you have multiple majors or minors, focus on which one is most interesting to you and consider making the other areas your hobbies once you start the job.

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