What if there are multiple recruiters?

Multiple Recruiters From Same Company

Some companies, especially large companies, will bring multiple recruiters. They may be from different divisions and they may all be looking for the same Engineering Majors. Often, the hiring opportunities differ for each division. In some cases, even the rules for who can be recruited are different in each division in the same company. As students, you shouldn’t assume the recruiters are sharing resumes with each other. A recruiter might be rushing off to catch a plane following the career fair and have no time to share the resumes. When you see multiple recruiters for the same company, you can ask if each recruiter is hiring for different positions and whether it would be good to speak to the other recruiters at the table.

When should I speak to a different recruiter for the same company?

If a recruiter specifically recommends that you speak to one of the other recruiters, then I would definitely follow their advice. They probably saw something in you that would be of interest for the other recruiter. As a recruiter, I don’t always know the other recruiters well from my own company, but I make it a practice to understand their recruiting needs. I often tell students to speak to one of my colleagues when I think there is a better match in their area.


Hi Glenn,
Should I ask the recruiter that is each one hiring different positions at the beginning or at the end? If the answer is yes, and should I ask to speak to the one that match to me?

Thank you

Glenn Galler


Thanks for your question. Usually, it is clear at the career fair who you should talk to for your Major. I would talk to the recruiter first and then at the end of the conversation, I would ask if you should also speak to one of the other recruiters too. The issue of multiple recruiters hiring for different positions is primarily for the larger companies at the career fair since they may come from different divisions.


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