Interview: Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral Interview questions

Here are some sample behavioral interview questions for each competency:


  • What difficulties have you encountered in trying to communicate technical information?

Practical Learning

  • Describe a course in which you felt challenged.

Analysis/Problem Assessment

  • Describe the most difficult trouble-shooting challenge you have had.

Judgment/Problem Solving

  • Give an example of a time when you used logic to solve a very difficult problem.


  • What do you do when someone else takes credit for your idea?


  • Give an example of doing more than is required in your current classes.

Planning and Organizing/Work Management

  • Tell me about a time when your course load was heaviest. How did you get all your work done?

Technical/Professional Knowledge

  • Describe how you’ve gone about learning a new technical skill.

Motivational Fit

  • Have you ever worked on a project you didn’t enjoy?


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