What goes in the Leadership section?

The Leadership section follows the Work and Research Experience and the Academic Projects sections. In this section, you have the opportunity to show that you are self-driven and self-motivated. Leaders need the ability to work with people in a team setting. A leader is a position of authority with responsibilities and some degree of accountability. In some cases, a leader needs to deal with conflict and resolution. Through leadership positions, a student can demonstrate to the recruiter a degree of maturity and independence which are both important qualities. As a recruiter, I find the quality a hiring manager enjoys most about interns and coops is their ability to independently drive themselves with not a lot of “hand-holding” from the manager. Students with leadership positions in college often develop the qualities and skills that recruiters and hiring managers like to see. Generally, a membership in the organization is not the same as a leadership position in the group.


What are examples of Leadership positions?


  1. Student group leadership positions
    1. President, VP, Treasurer, Social Organizer, Committee Chairs, etc.
    2. Student groups include:
      1. Officer in SWE, NSBE, SHPE and other groups
    1. External groups:
      1. Team Captain in the Mechanical Engineering Design Laboratory
    1. Fraternity or Sorority
      1. Officer or Member of Judicial review board
  1. Volunteer activities
    1. Tutor for high school or middle school students
    2. Mentor for Eta Kappa Nu honor society students
  1. Campus and University activities
    1. Section leader of the university marching band
    2. Residential Advisor (RA) for university dormitory hall
    3. Graduate or Undergraduate Student Intructor (GSI or UGSI)
  1. Professional activities
    1. President of your own start up company
    2. Executive board member of a company
    3. High school teacher
    4. Military service (ex. Second Lieutenant)


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