How Do You Prepare for the Interview Day?

Interview Day Preparation

What are the best interview time slots?

If you are selected for an interview there are several things you can do to ensure your interview is a positive experience. On campus interviews are often either 30 minutes or 45 minutes. A 30-minute interview will consist of a 20-minute discussion and 10 minutes for the recruiter to complete the evaluation. A 45-minute interview will have a 30-minute discussion and 15-minute evaluation. A recruiter can do thirteen 30-minute interviews in a day or nine 45-minute interviews. The interview day is long and hard work for the recruiters. If you are given the opportunity to select your interview time, it is best to pick a morning slot when the interviewer is fresh. If you have to pick an afternoon slot, then it is best to pick a time just after a break. The worst time slot is the hour following lunch.


How do you research a company?

It is not difficult to research a small company, but larger companies have many products and different types of work assignments. It is a good idea to read the job description carefully to find clues about the type of products and work requirements. Sometimes, companies will use generic job descriptions and these are less helpful. If you are contacted directly by a recruiter for an interview, it is okay to ask specific questions about the position as this will allow you to do some research prior to the interview day. The job description may also show the amount of travel expected in the position.


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