Who are the Recruiters?

The Recruiter from HR

The term “recruiter” is used for any representative of a company who is visiting the campus, and there are many different kinds of recruiters that come on campus. A “recruiter” can be an HR employee where recruiting is their full-time job. They may have a relationship with multiple schools in a reion. They organize events, work with the career center, work with student groups, and they can also talk to students at the career fair. In some cases, they may also interview students. HR recruiters are often not very technical.

The Manager as the Recruiter

A “recruiter” can also be a full-time manager. In some cases, the manager is a  a “hiring manager” and in a position to not only talk to students, but also hire them into their own departments. Generally, this is not the case. Usually, the manager has an affiliation to the university because it is where they went to school. Companies like to send alumni to universities because they know the program and the Professors. The manager identifies and interview students on behalf of their entire division. Managers  can be very technical if they spent some time working in their field of study before going into management.

The Regular Employee as the Recruiter

A “recruiter” can also be a regular employee who is not in management and does not  have any ability to hire any students. They may be recent graduates of the university. They would have first-hand knowledge of the classes and Professors and are able to talk easily with students. Their impressions of you are important and could persuade the managers to be interested in you.

The Recruiter’s Time…

Whether a “recruiter” is in HR, in management, or is just an employee, you should assume they have many other work assignments on their plate and will not be able to focus on you after the career fair ends. This is why it is very important to make sure they have all of the information they need from you before they leave the career fair (ex. GPA, cell phone, etc.).

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