What goes in the Objective section?

The Objective section is important. I think it should be one line and cover three things: 1) type of position, 2) field of work, and 3) availability date. The type of position is either an internship (3-4 months), a coop (6-8 months), or a permanent or full-time position.

These Objective examples show the following types of jobs:

  1. Full-Time
  2. Internship
  3. Co-op
  4. Preferred Internship or a Co-op

The field of work is generally your major, but it can be a area within your field of study. It is usually better to keep the field of work at a high level so that you do not exclude any hiring opportunities that might be available to you.

The availability date is usually negotiable with the hiring manager. It is usually better to keep the date close to the end of the term unless you are seeking a full-time position and then it is okay to take some time off after the school year is over.

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