How do you create a Status Report for your manager?

Status Reports

While I am a recruiter, I am also an employee. I have my own regularly scheduled 30-minute status update meetings with my manager once a month. I use the following formula to create my status report and I recommend students use a similar format for their status reports.

My status report is broken down into the following categories:

  1. Here is what I am working on now.
  2. Here are my current set of problems that I have not yet resolved.
  3. Here is what I am doing to resolve these problems.
  4. Here is what I am going to do next.
  5. Is the scope of my job correct (i.e. am I doing what you are expecting me to do in my assignment?)

I recommend bringing a hardcopy of this status report for your manager and sending the softcopy report to them at the end of the meeting. As you go through the information in each of these sections, there will be plenty of opportunity to receive feedback from your manager. Your ability to accept and act on your manager’s feedback is very important. At the end of your internship or coop, or at the end of the appraisal year, your manager will have a great record of your accomplishments. Managers usually appreciate having these records available to them when writing your appraisal.

What is important to know in the first year of work?

[…] Your manager needs to know what you are doing so they can appraise you at the end of the year. Typically, managers will have status update meetings weekly or bi-monthly with all of the employees in the group so they can be aware of the work going on in the group and can be sure the objectives of the department are being met. But, if they don’t have regular status update meetings with you, it is okay to schedule an update with your manager as it is in your best interest to keep your manager apprised of your work assignments. Here is an example of how you can create a Status Report. […]

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